The Kings Quarter

During hard economic times the Kings Quarter was established as a way for authorized soldiers serving under the Kings of Golarion to provide a polite form of payment for their room and board amongst villagers and farmers instead of demanding quarter without any proof of allegiance and to avoid the need for soldiers to carry large sums of gold and silver.

Most law abiding citizenry are actually delighted to accept these tokens since it proves not only that the soldiers staying in their houses and taverns have their best interests at heart, but also because the Kings Quarter can be used for tithes and tax relief since it shows that the tenant or farmer served the military of their Kingdom by assisting her soldiers.

In actual metal worth the Kings Quarter is barely that of a copper piece, being as it is comprised of mostly copper and bronze in the middle surrounded by a small ring of silver on the edge. (Quarters without an unbroken silver ring are rarely accepted as legal tender and are not redeemed by tax collectors.)

At quarterly muster some companies will payout any where from a 1-to-2 ratio in silver to a 2-to-1 ratio in gold. There is no hard and fast rule to how much a particular company will provide and sometimes depends on the stores of gold and silver available to the paymaster at the time of muster. The typical weekly allowance provided most soldiers is 10 Quarters a week plus any looting within reason, although looting is not generally encouraged so much as overlooked.

The Kings Quarter

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