Hero Points

Hero Points, using some but not all of what’s on page 322 from the Advanced Players Guide.

As a house rule they’ll be a measure of the collective belief in your character as a hero and champion of the people. They can be used to:

  1. Re-Roll – Re-roll any one dice roll.
  2. Bonus – Take a single +8 bonus during a combat round.
  3. Moxie – Act out of turn or gain an additional move or action, but not both.
  4. Inspiration – Negotiate a tough deal, lock, trap, or maze without rolling or roleplaying.
  5. Cheat Death – (Requires 2 points.) Stabilize yourself or another character who is near death.


  • Trait – 2 Hero Points, one of which MUST be from a REQUIRED and RELATED backstory post. Traits from the Advanced Players Guide must ALSO be approved by the GM before play.

With the exception of “Cheat Death”, Hero Points may not be spent to grant the above bonuses to other players. Currently there is no limit on HPs carried over.

In game these will based on heroic acts that other people outside of the party see. They can also be lost in the same manner. Attempted and/or successful murder, letting a villain escape, beating a prisoner, etc. sometimes it’ll be worth the hero points to get the mission accomplished. Your call.

Typically gaining hero points can be done by:

  1. Negotiating a tough deal, lock, trap, or maze with exceptional roleplaying.
  2. Providing some kind of aid that benefits the public good.
  3. Adding info to the Second Breakfast logs/character sheets. (This is a HINT.)
  4. Some arbitrary thing I think is cool.

Current HPs as of 09-02-2012

  • Bella 5
  • Dormor 1
  • Ooklar 1
  • Red 2
  • Sumak 1
  • Thom 1

Hero Points

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