Head Priestess of the Temple of Razmir in Tamran (deceased)


Before becoming one of Razmir’s most faithful Iramine was an adventurer. Trained in combat arts and having a talent for Wizardly spells of Evocation she soon learned how to combine her talents and became one of Razmir’s finest Eldritch Knights.

Drawn back to the City of Xin-Grafar after an encounter with the Jewel of Everlasting Gold (created by Tar-Baphon, also known as the Whispering Tyrant) she was able to resist it’s call for nearly 200 years as she watched her more mortal friends die of old age and misadventure.

After learning the secret to the Living God’s longevity and power she sought out the amulet and journeyed back to Xin-Grafar to obtain the Jewel which would have allowed her to buy unlimited immortality for her new lord.



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