Grimnar, Master Woodcutter

Half-Orc Master of the Woodcutters and Tax Collector of Kassen


Grimnar (half-orc) is the guildmaster of the Woodcutters. He’s in
charge of collecting taxes for the Mayor, as well as insurance
donations from families who send their husbands and sons into the
He collects no insurance or taxes from the town smith, Braggar
Ironhame. Ironhame has a special agreement with the Mayor, as well as
his own very fine axe. Nor does he collect from the half-ling Father Randall Prast, or his
Half-Orc ward Ooklar.

He’s also lieutenant of the militia run by Corbin Ramaker, keeping the biggers trained to defend the town and the walls in repair when needed while the Bolgers and Wayfarers perform their
duties as scouts and lookouts for Captain Lastrid.


Grimnar, Master Woodcutter

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